Baker for Oklahoma House District 31 “Growing Oklahoma”

A born again Christian, veteran, and businessman, Rod Baker comes from generations of hard working Oklahomans. From an early age, Rod was influenced by his family: farmers, pastors, entrepreneurs, and firemen who contributed to making Oklahoma what it is today. He spent his summers in north Edmond farming and working his grandparents’ homestead. Through these influences, Rod learned our Oklahoma values: prayer, hard work, respect for your neighbors, and family stewardship. Rod joined the military soon after high school to fulfill his responsibility to our nation.
Dedicated to Leadership Dedicated to Leadership

Following his honorable service to our country, Rod came home to start a business, raise a family, and teach his son the same Oklahoma values that were instilled in him. Rod Baker is a successful business owner and is recognized nationally in the hydraulic field. He also invests time, money and energy into the startup of other new Oklahoma businesses, carrying on our motto, “Labor omnia vincit” WORK CONQUERS ALL.

Dedicated to Service Dedicated to Service

Rod, along with Lisa Ann, have dedicated the better part of their lives volunteering and ministering to suffering Oklahomans: helping others recover from drug and alcohol abuse, working to end child abuse, and assisting teen mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

Dedicated to Faith & Family Dedicated to Faith & Family

Rod and Lisa Ann have one son, two granddaughters and a grandson. They are lifelong Oklahoma conservatives and members of All Souls Episcopal Church.

“Oklahoma has provided me with limitless opportunities to grow a successful business and raise a family. I believe your kids and grandkids should inherit a better Oklahoma.”      
–Rod Baker

–Rod Baker



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